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About The Hearing Loop Process

In December 2010, Terry Krutz became the new proprietor of the Loop America. The business continues its effort to facilitate the nationwide initiative to foster induction hearing loop systems installation. The company goals are:
·         Provide high quality hearing loop drivers, receivers, microphones and accessories
·         Stock a line of products for immediate availability to customers
·         Offer innovative products at competitive prices
·         Advocate the benefits of telecoils and hearing loops for the hard of hearing
Mr. Krutz, an experienced business executive and long term binaural hearing aid user, will continue Loop America's legacy of excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Please join in the quest to loop America!

The Hearing Loop Process

  1. Start with the source, for our example (shown below) lets make the source a TV.
  2. The source (TV) signal is sent to the "loop specific" amplifier.
  3. From the amplifier a wire is run around the perimeter of the room and brought back to the amplifier to create a complete loop.
  4. Lastly, the hearing aid user turns their hearing aid to the t-coil mode and a clear sound is picked up by the t-coil thanks to the magnetic field created by the loop!