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Ampetronic ILD1000G

Manufacturer: Ampetronic

The ILD1000G utilizes a new amplification technology that provides the highest output available in a single amplifier, while halving power consumption and heat dissipation. It is capable of driving perimeter loops to over 1300m2, and with high voltage headroom, the longest cable runs and large array systems. It is packaged in an elegant and space efficient 19”1U case. The ILD1000G is designed with 3 configurable inputs and is useable freestanding, wall mounted or rack mounted with brackets included.

Features: • Area coverage to 13,500 sq. ft.

• Excellent proven reliability

• 5 year warranty

• Unparalleled sound quality, excellent intelligibility

• Speech optimized gain control

• Metal loss corrector corrects frequency dependent loss from metal structures

• Microphone (XLR) and line inputs

• Extensive input adaptors available for any audio input requirements

ILD1000G Brochure