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Univox FSM Basic

Manufacturer: Univox

Univox® FSM Basic is a calibrated precision measurement device, designed for measuring the performance of Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems (AFILS). The meter enables easy and straight-forward assessment of background noise, field strength and frequency response of the system to comply with the requirements of IEC 60118-4.

Two different frequency response characteristics are provided: ‘NORMAL’ which is a restricted response, similar to that of a hearing aid, and ‘FLAT’ which is a wide, flat response, similar to that of an equalized induction loop receiver for wide-band communication.

The meter is calibrated in two ranges; +6dB to -21dB and -21 to -48dB with respect to the field strength of 400mA/m, recommended by IEC 60118-4, allowing background magnetic noise levels to be measured as well as AFILS signal strengths. The measured audio signal may be monitored using headphones on all range and filter combinations.

To Test Signals


  • PPM meter responding to program peaks
  • Real time verification of sufficient field strength for good speech clarity
  • The monitor audio output is active on all range and filter combinations.
  • Operates over a very wide range of 54dB in two stages
  • Two measurement filter (tone) responses
  • Low battery indication
  • Volume control
  • High quality components for low noise
  • The meter is calibrated, traceable to International Standards

FSM Basic Brochure