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HL 400 Room Loop Kit

Manufacturer: Hearing Loops Inc

Install a hearing loop in your home. The HL 400 is manufactured by HEARING LOOPS INC (HLI) and is ideal for watching TV, listening to the radio or stereo. This product is designed to provide a stable loop signal in areas up to 400 square feet, but will power areas up to 500 square feet in ideal conditions. Package contains amplifier, power supply, 100’ of 22 gauge wire and 6’ RCA cable and adapter.



Power requirements - 100 - 240 volts AC ~ 50/60Hz 12 volt/amps

Coverage - IEC 60118-4 compliant as tested at 400 sq ft

Inputs - 1 microphone/line with phantom power available, Built in microphone

Controls - Tone control

                   Loop volume control

                   Power switch

Dimensions - 7” x 2.75“x3.125”

Weight - 3lbs

Power Supply Approvals - UL ULC CE

Made in the USA

Limited Lifetime Warranty