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Univox SLS-7 Multiloop Driver

Manufacturer: Univox

High Efficiency Linear Technology

Univox SLS-7 is a powerful phased array induction loop amplifiers designed for very large-area loop installations. The SLS-7 drives up to 100 Vpp and 10 Arms per channel. With wide dynamic response from complementary balanced outputs, SLS-7 drivers provide excellent dynamics with top audio quality. Our ground-breaking filter bank eliminates any Class-D associated non-linearity or interference. Due to la Class-D low heat dissipation, the drivers claim no extra ventilation space in your AV-rack. Developed on Univox linear switching technology, with electronic transformers and fan-free design, SLS-7 is a new long-life, reliable product from Univox.


  • Fully complementary and balanced system based on multiple class D stages for highest dynamic performance
  • Exceptionally high efficiency
  • Unique Parametric MLC for comprehensive metal loss compensation
  • Built-in System diagnostics to isolate system errors
  • Advanced real-time protection circuit
  • Programmable XLR, RCA and screw terminal input connectors
  • Crest factor based Dual Action AGC for unsurpassed intelligibility
  • High switching frequency 400kHz-1MHz for low interference
  • Fan free convection cooled for silent reliable operation
  • Monitor speaker output
  • Front panel controls for easy access
  • Recessed controls to prevent tampering
  • Extremely low carbon footprint
  • Full width 1U 19″ rack mount to save rack space
  • 5 year warranty

SLS-7 Brochure